PT. Catalyst Solusi Integrasi (CSI) is an IT Security Integrator company which specialized in providing security solutions in the Information Technology area. We are established in response to provide the demand in delivering high-quality, high-value, fast return on the investment and state-of-the art security solutions.

We have built unique approach and methodology to provide quality solutions that give the best value to our clients. These solutions were built based on best practices and years of field experiences.

IT Security covers a much broader spectrum than just threats to the corporate network. Currently, businesses face various security risks, from network attacks; internal misuse; vulnerabilities in network and operating systems being made public; legal implications more prevalent with respect to what sort of data enter and leaves the company; productivity and bandwidth consumption and many other unauthorized activities. Threats and security issues are always evolving and we have taken the responsibility of keeping our knowledge current in order to provide our clients with the best solution.

We solve complex issues by analyzing the problems completely, deeply and thoroughly. We will give independent advices as to what solution will solve our clients' problems, taking into account of clients' company infrastructure, culture and budget.

We have partnered with best of breed security hardware, software and appliance manufacturers worldwide, to make our clients business run with as less disruption as possible. Threats such as viruses, worms and malicious attacks from the Internet, are generally the areas which need to be addressed.

We also aim to protect your company from internal threats such as employee misuse of the web and e-mail. CSI will continue to built on its prior achievements and maintaining its position as an IT Security Integrator specialist that delivers high-quality, high-value and committed solutions to our clients.